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Where is the drain and how are you going to get there. There’s an instinctual logic to home design—a sense of what belongs where—that’s intrinsic to many of us. Visscher Specialty Products. However, if you’re relocating your spa to a new house, there are a few extra things you’ll need to do. Especially with many of us spending more time at home these days, it’s more important than ever before to turn up the fun in your backyard space. See Showroom Get Directions. If you have some reservations, consider a semi recessed hot tub. Hot Tubs need to be placed on an appropriate surface. It wasn’t a big deal as I made a cover to fit but in a perfect world, it would have been flush. 7 Person, 56 Jet, Premium Acrylic Bench Spa Hot Tub. How will you benefit from your backyard living space. I also plan to improve the tub too. Filter: While it’s standard equipment and necessary for proper operation, a hot tub filter needs to be changed once a year. Find plumbing equipment to set up your backyard personal spa today. Gary Ebersole says the interior finish on the wood should definitely be left natural. Here’s how to begin the hot tub disassembly and removal process. Unless you find a great deal or price on a name brand hot tub, sometimes opting for cheaper prices and bargain brands can leave you with a low quality hot tub and a sub par warranty. If you do add a roof or lean to to your hot tub install, make sure it’s properly designed to be structurally sound, and remember, most of these kinds of structures will need planning permission. There’s nothing like a long soak in a hot tub, especially when it’s outdoors overlooking the view. Happy Hot Tubs have delivered thousands of hot tubs across the UK and we consider our delivery team to be heroes that go above and beyond every day. Where you install your spa doesn’t have to be a difficult decision, but there are a few things you will need to consider to strike the right balance of practicality and comfort. Some are flowering and scented, some are just leaves, but they’ll all look great. Although less involved than planning for a pool, installing a spa or hot tub isn’t a task to be taken lightly. All the surrounding slats are adjustable, so not only can you control the view but also the amount of air flow and natural light. Thank you for posting so many beautiful design ideas. A clean, well cared for hot tub attracts home buyers and increases the value of your home. Most likely, you may find yourself having to wait a little while before it’s delivered and installed. A level concrete pad or a reinforced deck are the most common surfaces where hot tubs are installed. If you’re pretty sure your unit has a drain but you can’t find it along the base of the hot tub or inside the panel, check your owners’ manual. However, you still need to clean it once in two weeks to prevent clogging.

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You can maintain the in ground spa look by adding decking and building a trap door. Need help creating your very own backyard sanctuary. ” Cats sleep an astonishing 15 hours a day, while dogs snooze for a comparatively light 12 hours. If you want to get rid of a hot tub, why not just sell it. Most homeowners are charged between $150 and $200 for this type of mini move. Where is the best place to put it. Pick out the perfect hot tub that suits your wants and needs and design your deck to accommodate it. If you end up getting one that is too heavy, you can break the deck or the unit itself and risk potential injuries, too. For this reason, locate your spa inside or under a gazebo, pergola, or awning. Don’t compromise on your vision, and you’ll soon be showing off your one of a kind hot tub deck to friends and family. It’s a perfect addition to a large, modern garden. Close proximity to an outdoor tap and hose will make it much easier to fill the tub after each clean. This style is typically much larger than average, built for swimming or occupancy ranging from 15 to 20 people. Then you’ll need several people, and probably some lifting straps, to help you get it up on the deck. Nick and Kathy Cutler from Email Review. Free, No commitment Estimates. If you need a little help, don’t worry. This style makes the hot tub appear like it was custom designed for you and your life, resulting in an amazing finished look. “Does it need to be removed or replaced on a deck. Construction can take as little as 2 to 3 weeks or as long as 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity. How large of a gap should I have between the decking and the hot tub. He is an adjunct instructor at New York University, where he teaches writing and communications. If you don’t have time to find an organisation that can take your hot tub, a removalist can take the task of your hands, too. If you want your hot tub to have a secret garden feeling, use plants to grow a screen. Click for More Details. One of our techs most familiar with SpaVault says that some of the installers using SpaVault are using expansion joint material. TECH SUPPORT and SERVICEPhone: 512 263 3338Fax: 512 263 8888. This dreamy backyard in Massachusetts features a waterslide pool with an integrated hot tub. Working out where to move a spa is just as important as working out how to move a spa.

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Ensure to spaced out the dollies to allow the tub to have a stable balance on them. Your card will be verified for a minimum charge of $150. 1307 W Valley Hwy NAuburn, WA 98001 4110. We would usually expect there to be a hose on site. In addition to the diagram that follows, please reference the owner’s manual for additional wiring diagrams. Perhaps you bought a house but won’t be using the hot tub. How much access around the spa is needed. Privacy is another aspect that needs some attention. The surveys are normally carried out by one of our Directors who has 15+ years experience in the industry so you are in very safe hands. Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy.

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This is the scariest part of the build. If you have an old above ground hot tub in your yard, you can turn it into a decorative koi pond or fountain with very little effort. To stay toasty once you’ve left the hot tub, see our advice on how to buy the best patio heater. Having upfront hot tub removal pricing is essential for any property owner looking to remove an old hot tub in Phoenix. If you are looking for a free spa consultation or simply want to get some additional information about one of our spas, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are loading the hot tub into a moving truck, you will need to have one person pulling the dolly up the furniture loading ramp, while a second person pushes the hot tub from below. You may also have to follow certain rules when choosing location, such as the space between your home and your hot tub clearance from overhead power lines and the spa panel. You may also be able to afford additional features like steps, drink holders, and extra covers. Consider things like where the nearest water and power points are too, but sometimes, placing your hot tub close to an existing wall or fence, or between some trees is better than putting it right in the middle of the lawn. Many hardware stores carry ready made lattice and screen options that you can install yourself quite easily. They’re considered portable because they can be installed anywhere and have the versatility to be drained and moved elsewhere. We’ll help you consider landscape designs, water features and how this will affect your routine maintenance. If you have a spacious backyard and have been looking at different ways to decorate the space, turning your hot tub into a water feature is a fantastic idea. More Related Articles. An in ground hot tub with basic, minimally customized features will cost on the lower end, while a luxury hot tub with high end customizations will cost on the higher end. The levels of these minerals in water vary dramatically from one area of the United States to the next; cities that have “hard water”—like New York City—are more prone to scaling. Her husband built the wood frame around their old hot tub to create this little pond. Like our homes, we insulate the floor, walls and the attic, to create a warm pocket inside. Leave at least 24 inches of space in the front for A, R, X, and STIL spas. Duncan Showroom70 Government St. If your deck is not designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, you can reinforce the deck to make it more structurally sound. Made out of recycled materials, Airstone is an affordable resource to give your patio design a natural, earthy feel.

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Our hot tub and spa removal team provides a professional environment, unbeatable low rates, and outstanding customer service. Questions and Answers. Depending on which direction you choose to go with your hot tub, the installation process could be nothing more than clearing a space on your patio and installing an outlet and not even that for inflatable hot tubs to wholesale landscaping work. You can choose from a wide range of lighting options, so there’s something to suit the style of any outdoor space. Minimum pool size recommendations range from 30 to 50 square meters, but we have also seen much smaller pools that function quite well. To confirm this registration, you can check the NSW Government’s Swimming Pool Register website to see if your spa pool has been listed. Not only can our hot tub maintenance department provide you with information and support to keep your spa running efficiently, but we can also visit your home to inspect, clean or repair your spa as needed. The hot tub should be resting comfortably on a dolly, allowing your team to wheel the hot tub to the new location in the yard or to the moving truck. Most Hot Tubs are surprisingly light when empty. This is especially important if you put it on a deck or any platform lifted off the ground. To provide you with cover from the elements, while still maintaining an open concept space, you may want to consider the addition of a gazebo or pergola. You’ve Been Thinking About It, Now It’s Time To Finally Get That Hot Tub. These accessories listed below will surely give you the needed punch. While easy to install, they are known as being less reliable and comfortable, as well as less durable than hard sided units. Hammacher Schlemmer shared this design on their site, which pulls inspiration from Scandinavia to create a perfect all weather retreat. A hot tub positioned up high, either on a deck or a roof terrace, may need screening from people down below to make it feel more private. Needless to say, once you reach your new home, the above steps should be, more or less, repeated in reverse order – the hot tub will need to be unloaded, wheeled to its new location, positioned correctly, and hooked up to water and electricity supplies before it can be enjoyed once more. Written on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Wichita Falls, TX 76308. They also provide a space for families and friends to gather to have fun. If you are only moving your hot tub on a flat surface for a short distance, you probably won’t need the power pull or straps and can move a hot tub by yourself. High performance and energy efficient circulation pump replacements for almost any hot tub. Although large hot tubs are usually too deep or wide for this to be an option, there are actually several smaller hot tub models that can fit through doors. Whether you are moving your hot tub or spa to a new house across town or to the brand new deck you just built, either way it will not be easy. What ideas do you have. However, with our DIY guide, you will learn different techniques on how to move a hot tub without overstressing yourself.

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A sunken hot tub allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape as you soak away the stress. Written with Jason’s help 🙂. Here are a few common shapes to consider. Whether you choose an in ground hot tub or another installation style, you can create a space that is both functional and beautiful. Sign up to recieve exclusive deals news and more. This article from Forbes provides some great ideas about integrating a hot tub into your back yard. You will have to change the water in your hot tub from time to time so access to a garden hose and a safe area to drain your hot tub is also important. Wow, this was super helpful. SaluSpa Miami, for example, can accommodate four people. Cutting up the hot tub can be started from any end if the hot tub has been drained and powered down. Many installation teams will deliver, fill, and wire the hot tub for you.

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Responds in about 10 hours. You hook it up to a large galvanized tub, and you have an instantaneous hot tub with a smaller price tag attached to it, in most cases. Instead, it will need a solid platform to support all of the weight. Instead, lay down a bed of gravel and place large patio stones overtop. Choosing this type of installation allows for a custom look that you can enhance through your backyard design. It also added as an additional water proofing measure in my mind because I was filling any gaps that there might have been. This is the pond at my home today. Via Garden Architecture. This short deck, composite design is stunning for creating a relaxing space for hosting dinner parties, enjoying time with family, or creating a space for relaxation. Remember to consider the weight of the hot tub, including the water, to ensure the structure of the frame supports the full weight of the spa. You can swim or exercise while someone relaxes. Want to create your very own garden spa Shangri La to relax in at the end of each day. Follow this simple guide to find out how. The image above is the finished article. Two fountains, one in the spa and one in the pool, creates a dramatic vertical interest. You can find these listed under “Removal Services” or just Google “how to get rid of a hot tub”. This guide will provide you with important information about how to choose a location for your new hot tub by Master Spas and how to prepare the space for installation. Not only did this help the vision of the project but most of the times it actually cut costs. You need a hot tub cover to keep out the elements, keep in heat, and keep family and pets safe. Individually pack anything that you can easily disconnect from the tub. A sunken hot tub allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape as you soak away the stress. If you’re moving house or selling your hot tub, hot tub removal and delivery can help you out. Included accented stools to enhance the space and make it feel more like you. If you are not comfortable with your foundation or if you are unsure if your foundation can support a hot tub, you’ll definitely want to consult with a structural engineer or qualified contractor to have it inspected and add bracing if necessary. Gone are the days of leaving your house to shop. Professional installation is required for permanent outdoor spaces.

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Make sure all the connections go 1″/2. If your hot tub will be outdoors, there are unique landscaping ideas to provide privacy and accessibility to the spa year round. You might have few areas in your garden in mind for your hot tub, but the first thing to consider is if there is sufficient access to get the hot tub to any of these spaces. Others charge extra for an upgraded delivery service that includes installation. But a traditional hot tub cover and cover lift might not work for a recessed spa. You can turn your simple backyard into an extravagant and personalized masterpiece, and it all begins with a hot tub. Would you like to receive text notifications beginning 30 minutes before arrival. You can find more information on installation and spa foundation recommendations here. Reeds and bamboo are two more great choices for creating a private hot tub space. Hot tubs can also be set on paver stones, gravel beds, spa pads, or reinforced wooden decks. How Much Does It Cost To Run Your Hot Tub. To lower acidity levels, use a reducer. For most of us, having the hot tub in a South Westerly facing suntrap would be absolutely perfect. Water features are a wonderful focal point to include in your outdoor design. Though the exact dimensions will depend on the size of your tub, try to give yourself at least a foot or two of space around the entire tub. Here are three we think you might enjoy. There’s a lot of things to think about before moving a spa on your own. Water pipes are 2″ in diameter and air pipes are 1. I bought a 55″ cover an it drops over the cabinet I made. By AndyOStarted April 21, 2021. Join me as I share creative + frugal home and garden ideas with a dash of humor. A concrete vault will provide the support the weight of the spa and can be a part of your in ground spa design. 5 metres of the hot tub, but far enough away that it cannot be accessed by anyone using the spa. Prices vary depending on the model, style and manufacturer of your hot tub. “Does it need to be removed or replaced on a deck. If you plan to move or move the spa, it might not be the best installation. When the day finally comes, knowing the full cost of moving house in advance is worthwhile to av. As an added bonus, trees are also perfect for holiday lights, bird feeders, and depending on the type, swings and treehouses. The Leisure Time mineral stick helps you reduce the amount of sanitizer needed to keep your spa water safe by preventing bacteria and algae growth.


Maybe you’ve been attending pool and spa shows, looking at all the models and options available. We have thought of everything. Maybe the back corner seems like the perfect spot — but do you want to walk to the back of your yard every time you want to go for a soak. Amazing storage space in and outside home. If you’re looking for a very quick and easy hot tub privacy idea, consider oversized planters. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. I intend growing them in my 3 to 5 inch “lake” using a plastic pool liner. Read more on topping up the chemicals for regular maintenance in our guide to using a hot tub. Yes, you can bend it a little but is very hard and you will not be tying any knots in it. Once level and secure, you can place your hot tub, fill and enjoy. When installing a hot tub outdoors, make sure it’s not placed within 10 feet of overhead power lines. They left my American flag in the dirt and rain in my driveway” more. In this cost guide, we’ll focus exclusively on the in ground hot tub costs that you can expect if you’re hoping to add this wonderful feature to your outdoor space. If you’re placing the tub near your house, a plumber can often tap into your existing heater, further minimizing your expense.

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It reduces chemical use by up to 90 percent. If you plan to stay in your home for a while, and anticipate getting a lot of use out of a hot tub, then you may decide it is worth it to you, even though the resale value is unlikely to be a full return on the investment. This attractive free standing 1550 SF condo has 2 BRs/2 BAs, no stairs, and is largely handicap accessible. You may need more than four people to help push it up the truck’s loading ramp. Our first step would be to come to your property to carry out a free, no obligation site survey. You can stop here if you want. That is why you should always first define exactly why you’re buying a hot tub. You will also spend an extra $2000 to $4000 to build a deck and patio. Before installing, it’s a good idea to ask your hot tub installer about how much energy you can expect your hot tub to use monthly.