Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure!

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines make it mandatory to have an affiliate disclosure, which is a “disclaimer statement” for consumers/buyers/readers. It states out that the website or company is affiliated, or in a paid engagement with brands and companies mentioned. Christ Goods (website: is a dedicated portal offering comprehensive lists of products, gifts, and apparel related to Christianity and the Faith of God.   We would like to mention that this website contains affiliate links from eCommerce sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and eBay. Here is more on our disclosure agreement.

1) What exactly are affiliate links?

When we feature Christian products and gifts on our page, we include a link, which, when clicked, leads to the actual website selling the product. These links are affiliate links. When someone buys something through, our affiliate partners - Amazon, Target, Walmart, and eBay – pay us a small commission, which is the affiliate income.   Please note that the prices of products from affiliate links do not increase or change on our website. Christ Goods gets the commission for bringing customers to the website.

2) What kind of affiliate links do we have?

Christ Goods are associated and a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This is an affiliate program, which allows affiliate websites to earn a small commission, by placing links that directly lead to specific products on We also have other kinds of product affiliate links, and in case a buyer buys directly using these links, Christ Goods earns a small percentage from the sale.   However, the inclusion of affiliate links doesn’t mean that product details, quality, or price changes on the parent website. In other words, buyers don’t have to pay more while buying via affiliate links.

3. Do we have sponsored content?

Christ Goods doesn’t have sponsored content as yet. We intend to promote the belief and faith of Christianity and His love, and our intention is to offer transparent information for our readers. Our products are only selected when they qualify for our categories and are relevant to our mission to sell Christian goods and products. In the future, if we choose to do sponsored content, we promise that it would only for our Faith and Trust in Jesus and God, and we will always mention that the content is sponsored.   If you have any questions related to affiliate links, don’t shy away from asking us for details. We will be happy to help.